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Acoustic: Start at $400 with the basic neck (no fretboard) stick thru configuration with stainless frets and basic hardware. Comes with wall mount & matching fluorescent strings unless otherwise requested. Reference: blue funky flies build

Acoustic with exotic wood fret board: Start at $450 - Stick through configuration (same as above, only has a handmade exotic wood fretboard) ie. Brazilian Purple Heart, cherry heart, walnut, mahogany. All have brass Fret’s installed unless otherwise requested. Comes with wall mount and Fluorescent strings unless otherwise requested. 

Electric:  Start at $550 Basic neck with external “pickups”(pickups visible on box) “non” stick thru neck and stainless frets.

Electric with custom neck and exotic wood fretboard: Start at $600 - Internal pick ups (not visible), With custom volume & tone knobs (customers choice of knob finish and style) ie: eyeballs, skulls, dice etc

PLEASE NOTE: There is a six week lead time due to wood shortage and paint backlog.