Funky Flies Official Online Store

The FLY ARMY takes front stage at the official Funky Flies Merchandise Store! Welcome! Discover our huge selection of Funky Flies official merchandise here, which includes anything from Coffee, Fanny Packs, and Clothing to Pet Skatebowls and pet beds. Like a phoenix rising triumphantly from the ashes, our swarm is ready to take on the powerful forces that have engulfed our planet. Come soar with us and join the Funky Flies movement!

But Funky Flies is about more than just funky products. We swear to improve the planet. We humbly donate 100 whole skateboards, together with necessary tools, grip tape, wheels, and more, to the Uganda Skateboard Society as part of our continuing goal. Come along on this adventure as we collaborate to uplift and encourage this amazing community.

Beyond only being a trendy retailer, Funky Flies offers you the opportunity to make a positive difference, and we want you to join us on this path of transformation and friendship.

Our Customers

"I fell in love with the dog art on the skateboard dog bowls and they were super accommodating, professional, fast, and friendly! I highly recommend this company and I will be supporting them again in the future! Their communication was super fast also!"


The Uganda Skateboard Society

Funky Flies is a lifestyle brand company based in Vermont and last year, we donated 100 skateboard completes to support The Uganda Skateboard Society.