Every single Funky Flies Skatebowl sold will be entered into a DOG BED GIVEAWAY DRAWING at the end of each month! This includes Skatebowls sales from all sales channels. We will do this every single month!
>>> NEXT DRAWING MAY 1, 2024!! <<<

Official Funky Flies Merchandise Store

Welcome to the official Funky Flies Merchandise Store, where the FLY ARMY takes center stage! Here, you can explore our extensive collection of official Funky Flies products, ranging from T-Shirts and Coloring Books to Vans, Fanny Packs, and Stickers. With our diverse selection of merchandise, including hats, hoodies, Puzzles, and even Funky Fly Bug Spray, we're ready to meet all your needs. Much like a phoenix's triumphant rise from the ashes, our swarm is poised to challenge the formidable forces that have overtaken our world. We invite you to soar with us and become an integral part of the Funky Flies movement!

But there's more to the Funky Flies movement than just trendy merchandise. We are committed to making a positive impact on the world. As a part of our ongoing mission, we proudly give back to the Uganda Skateboard Society by donating 100 complete skateboards along with essential tools, grip tape, wheels, and more. Join us in this endeavor as we work together to empower and support this incredible community. Your involvement with Funky Flies goes beyond stylish merchandise; it's a chance to be a force for good, and we invite you to be a part of this journey towards change and camaraderie.

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"I fell in love with the dog art on the skateboard dog bowls and they were super accommodating, professional, fast, and friendly! I highly recommend this company and I will be supporting them again in the future! Their communication was super fast also!"

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The Uganda Skateboard Society

Funky Flies is a lifestyle brand company based in Vermont and last year, we donated 100 skateboard completes to support The Uganda Skateboard Society.