Dark Roast Coffee

You Enjoy My Funk Coffee - Dark Roast - Sweet & Savory - Citric, Toffee

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Indulge in the harmonious blend of sweet and savory tones found in our You Enjoy My Funk Coffee - Dark Roast. This robust coffee boasts a full-bodied profile, accentuated by lively, citric acidity and deep, rich flavors, with an essence of citric & toffee.

• Size: 12oz (340g)
• Dark roast
• Citric, Toffee, Sweet & Savory
• Growing region: Central America
• Whole bean or ground options available
• Roasted in the USA

Dark Roast Coffee: For those seeking a classic coffee experience, dark roast coffees deliver a robust flavor profile reminiscent of traditional "cup of joe" brews. Characterized by rich notes of chocolate, caramel, or hints of smokiness, these blends often leave a slightly bitter aftertaste. Ideal for coffee enthusiasts craving a bold and intense flavor experience.

NOTE: This product is shipped only to the United States and their territories, as well as Canada.