Join the Funky Flies Swarm

Join the Funky Flies Swarm

Join the Funky Flies swarm and be a part of one of the most tight-knit web communities and brands out there! The Funky Flies group has been buzzing around the skate and apparel world and is ready to full send into the world of real-life branding.

What is Funky Flies?
Funky Flies is a crazy rad skateboarding apparel and accessories brand that is moving from NFTs to real-life branding. Ryk and Johnie spent time exploring and investing in various NFT projects before launching Funky Flies, but now, the crazy creations are forming a buzz in more than just the NFT world. Funky Flies is ready to take over the skateboarding merchandise market with their unique cartoonist designs and epically drawn-out schwagg.

What is an NFT?
So before you can fully understand the history and story behind Funky Flies, we must first cover NFTs. 

So… what is an NFT?

An NFT is a non-fungible token. NFTs are one-of-a-kind digital pieces that cannot be copied in any way, shape, or form. On a larger scale, NFTs are a form of cryptocurrency that can be traded and held via blockchains. Still confused? 

In lamens terms, an NFT can be anything, from artwork to drawings to music. You name it, and it can probably be an NFT. The unique part is that they are all digital, so there is no tangible object to be purchased, just digital pieces. An excellent way to think of NFTs is like artistic trading cards; they can be common, uncommon, or even rare.

Funky Flies story?
Funky Flies started with two friends falling in love with the world of NFTs before launching a project of their own. They wanted to create something that could live, grow, and thrive anywhere in the world, and thus Funky Flies was born.

The brand started as solely an NFT project with all hand-drawn and colored traits. The Funky Flies collection comprises 7,777 NFTs with 7 super rare, one-of-a-kind traits.

After launching a wildly successful NFT project, the team wanted more. With that in mind, the skateboard-loving friends began prep to create an apparel and accessory brand based on the thousands of Funky Flies NFTs. The brand features items ranging from t-shirts and hoodies to coloring books, rugs, and even pet wear. They have original Funky Flies merch as well as products featuring tons of their exclusive NFTs. The central theme, of course, throughout all the merchandise is flies and the buzz that comes with being a part of the Funky Flies swarm.

Funky Flies Giving Back?
At heart, Funky Flies is a team of art lovers who still give back to the skateboarding community while promoting their brand. Funky Flies partnered with the Uganda Skateboard Society to help give skateboards back to the local skateboarding community of Uganda. Funky Flies has worked to donate over 100 custom skateboards to the Uganda community!

What next?
After living out the NFT project dream, Funky Flies is now making moves to be a merchandise & accessories brand. Funky Flies is moving from the artistic digital world into the tangible merchandise side of IRL design. (And TRUST me when I say the designs could not be cooler!) Funky Flies' history will always start with a team of skateboard-loving NFT nerds, but the future holds sick branding, rad merchandise, and a team of entrepreneurs.