You Need To Add Funky Flies Crocs Shoe Charms To Your Collection!

You Need To Add Funky Flies Crocs Shoe Charms To Your Collection!

Is your croc game boring or bland?

Do you need new shoe charms for your crocs?

Look no further because Funky Flies has got you covered!

Crocs are one of the most up-and-coming popular shoes among kids, teenagers, and young adults. Crocs have been around since 2002, and after a small lull in sales, they are resurfacing and being seen everywhere you go.

I mean, just look around. Everywhere you go, there is someone in a pair of crocs.

Crocs are marketed as all-whether, all-terrain, multi-functional shoes. But more than that, crocs are some of the trendiest, most stylish shoes on the market today.

Shoe Charms Are All The Craze 

On top of crocs taking over the footwear world, we have to wonder why are people so drawn to these foam clogs. 

Crocs are not all that special when it comes to design, that is until shoe charms were added to the equation.

Crocs Shoe charms have been around for a while, but with their newfound popularity, shoe charms are popping up everywhere. Almost every retail brand you can think of is jumping on board to produce shoe charms to add a special pop to crocs.

Shoe charms are marketed for everyone, but they take up a special place in every kid's heart. Whether you are a kid, have a kid, know a kid, or are just a big kid at heart, you have probably heard about the shoe charm craze. So many people love decorating their crocs that almost every croc-wearer has shoe charm additions.

Where Did Shoe Charms Start?

Shoe charms began in 2005 when entrepreneur couple Sheri and Rich Schmelzer began making little designs to add to the widely popular crocs that were making their first deep dive into the shoe market. Later on, Crocs bought the idea and trademark from the Schmelzers for a whopping $10 million. Shoe charms have been the craze ever since, adding tons of popularity to the already trendy and functional shoes.

21 years later, shoe charms are still around and coming in all different sizes, shapes, and colors. From Star Wars to Kellogs to Nickelodeon, you name it, and shoe charms have made it.

Funky Flies Has Shoe Charms?

Unfortunately for croc-wearers, there has been one kind of shoe charm missing. Luckily for you, that's not the case anymore! 

Not only do we (Funky Flies) have shoe charms, but we have the most rad charms on the market.

In 2023 Funky Flies launched a special edition Funky Flies Shoe Charms to add some pop and pazazz to your crocs. Funky Flies shoe charms will feature Funky Flies logos, GRYLD CHEEZ logos, and special trait NFT designs.

If you are a fellow croc lover and a Funky Fly Fanatic, your life just got 10x better!

2022 your Crocs may have been boring, bland, and basic. 

But with the help of Funky Flies, you can rock your crocs proudly and have the coolest crocs and shoe charms out there.