Single Origin Coffee

Guatemala Single Origin Coffee - Orange Zest, Black Cherry, Fudge

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The vibrant and tangy essence of citrus intertwines harmoniously with the decadent and indulgent tones of black cherry and fudge, crafting a robust and delectable concoction guaranteed to invigorate and enchant.

Single Origin Coffees garner considerable popularity due to their unique and varied flavor characteristics. Were you aware that Kenyan coffees might carry a subtle hint of tomato, while Ethiopian varieties are renowned for their citrus and lemon notes? These coffees tend to attract a niche group of enthusiasts, as their flavor profiles can occasionally evoke strong reactions. Nevertheless, we strongly recommend individuals sample them firsthand to discern their preferences for single origin coffees!

• Size: 12oz (340g)

• Single Origin
• Orange Zest, Black Cherry, Fudge
• Whole bean or ground options available
• Roasted in the USA