Light Roast Coffee

Red White & Tart - Light Roast Coffee - Caramel, Lemon, Tart & Sweet

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Experience a distinctive fusion melding the zesty tanginess of lemon with the indulgent sweetness of caramel. Crafted for aficionados craving a multifaceted flavor journey.

• Size: 12oz (340g)
• Light roast
• Caramel, Lemon, Tart & Sweet
• Growing region: Central America
• Whole bean or ground options available
• Roasted in the USA

Light Roast Coffee: A light roast yields a coffee bean with a paler hue, boasting heightened acidity and a nuanced flavor profile. Typically imbued with hints of fruitiness or floral notes, alongside nuances of citrus or berries, light roast coffee is favored by aficionados seeking to savor the distinct qualities of the bean.

NOTE: This product is shipped only to the United States and their territories, as well as Canada.