Funky & Fly Skatebowl Products

Funky & Fly Skatebowl Products

Whether you covet the canine companion or you're a friend of the felines, the Funky Flies Skatebowl is the perfect gift for anyone with a four-legged family member. 

Funky Flies, is a lifestyle brand based out of Vermont. And it’s here that we decided that not only will humans benefit from the stellar art that Funky Flies provides, but we are not expanding that to our furry friends. 

Here are the SkateBowls that Funky Flies currently offers:

Fly Doggy Dog Skateboard Deck Dog SkateBowls

Unleash the spirit of urban cool with our Fly Doggy Dog Skatebowl, designed for the hip hound in your life. This one-of-a-kind pet bowl brings the street art vibe right into your home, making mealtime a hip and happening event for your four-legged friend. It's the perfect blend of functionality and street style, a must-have for the pet that's as cool as they come. Be ready to kick-flip your pet's dinner routine into something truly extraordinary. Grab this cool combo of practicality and urban art for your pet's daily dining!

Phunky Donuts Skateboard Deck Dog SkateBowls

Set the stage for a groovy mealtime with our Phunky Donuts Skatebowl, a piece that resonates with the rhythm of music and the flair of skate culture. Designed for pets who march to the beat of their own drum, this bowl is a tribute to the iconic donut motif. It's the perfect ensemble for pet owners looking to celebrate their love for or favorite band while providing their pets with a rockin' dining experience. Prepare for a fusion of music, art, and pet care as you bring this melodious piece into your home. Let your pet indulge in a meal that's served with a side of phan pride!

Doggy Pack Skateboard Deck SkateBowl

Introducing the Doggy Pack Skatebowl – where camaraderie meets cool. This trendy skate deck turned feeding station is the ultimate nod to canine companionship and skate culture. The 'Doggy Pack' Skatebowl is the perfect blend of style and practicality. Prepare to serve up your dog's meals with an extra helping of love and a side of style!

Visionary Feast Dog SkateBowls

Step into the world of psychedelic dining with the Visionary Feast Skatebowl, a visually stunning addition to any pet's mealtime. This bowl is more than just a place for food and water; it's a feast for the eyes that encapsulates a bold and artistic spirit. This standout piece is not just for pets; it's a statement of artistic expression. Ideal for both feeding and inspiring, this skatebowl ensures your pet dines in the lap of avant-garde luxury. Don't blink, or you'll miss the drop of this mesmerizing piece that turns every meal into a visual party.

Cats With Attitude Skateboard Deck SkateBowl

Introducing the Cats with Attitude Skatebowl, the latest and most vibrant addition to any pet lover's home! Crafted for style-savvy felines, this unique bowl is not just a dish but a statement of feline finesse. Get ready to roll out the fun with this soon-to-be-released 'Cats with Attitude' Skatebowl. Whether for your pet or as a gift for the cat aficionado in your life, this skatebowl promises to be the purr-fect fit! Embrace the buzz, and don't miss out on the drop. Keep your whiskers twitching for updates, and be ready to add a scoop of sass to your cat's mealtime routine!

Cat Posse Skateboard Deck SkateBowl

Introducing the Cat Posse Skatebowl, a playful twist on the conventional pet bowl. This funky feeding station is a must-have for cat owners who want to reflect their pets' bold personalities and their love for skate culture. It's where fun design meets functionality, serving up a daily dose of style for your kitty's meals.

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